Even us Emory nursing students are shitting ourselves here in Ebola land. Fever of 101.4? Headache? Muscle pain? Weakness? D/V? Abdominal pain? UNEXPLAINED HEMORRHAGING?!?! 


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ART: Skittles by Josh Kline

Josh Kline presents Skittles, an industrial refrigerator containing smoothies produced by the artist using unconventional and poetic combinations of ingredients including kale chips, squid ink, sneakers, phone bills, and pepper spray.

Each smoothie stands as a portrait of a different contemporary lifestyle. When grouped together, they evoke a landscape of aspiration, taste, and – at times – deprivation in a metropolis like New York City.

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SPOTLIGHT: Rappers x Pre-16th Century Art

Meet your new favorite Tumblr! B4XVI is gathering a collection of comparisons between pre-16th century art and famous rappers.

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Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors
Study from researchers from Emory determined memories can be passed down genetically in the form of genetic switches that are triggered in certain cases. 
Although implications for human possibilities are still far away, in their experiment they had a case of mice passing down traumatic stresses that are triggered by the smell of cherry blossoms. 
So next time you are scared of heights, or spiders… thank your ancestors that it was they who had to go through something traumatic, and not you!
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8 more weeks of school. Time to buckle down. 



parents who vaccinate their children without their consent are terrible parents, no exceptions.

parents who let their children die of completely preventable diseases because they think 8 year olds are capable of making their own medical decisions are terrible parents. no exceptions

You receive the majority of vaccinations during the first 6 months of life. Read an immunization schedule. There’s also no sound evidence that vaccines cause any harm, even attenuated ones. 

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Yay, I’m 21.

Definitely going to kickass next semester and I’m 25% a nurse now!

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