All these books I need to purchase for nursing school. 😭💰 #byemoney #broke #nursingschool #college #Emory

Just finished my last semester today at VSU before I’m off to start nursing school at Emory in the fall. Can’t believe I’m leaving!

Can’t believe I tackled a 4 credit hour class during the summer. Finished strong with a 96.3!

Is it better to get public or private? Which one has better payback options/lower interest rates? I know some banks can reduce your interest rates if you have an eligible account with them. I have too many upcoming expenses I need to cover and it’s stressing me out! 

It’s annoying when people think Forsyth County is so country and rural. Honey, we be livin’ in the ‘burbs of Atlanta! We have it good here. Go to college in the “Deep” South and open your eyes and ears.

Attending Emory in the fall! Decided not to pass up this opportunity. Scared and excited at the same time.

Studying my butt off for my Chemistry test tomorrow AND I’m still working on my financial aid application for Emory. 



Praying that I get merit-based scholarships and good financial aid packages at Emory. 

So, this is what one of my suitemates left for me and my roommate. Apparently, keeping the thermostat between 75-77 degrees “spoils” the food in her fridge. I think it’s complete bullshit because I think the external environment barely has an impact on her refrigerator’s functionality even though having a colder room aids with its efficiency. I’m so done with her and her passiveness. It’s so cold in our room we literally have to wear layers if clothing, and I wake up with my body aching and my skin so dry.
Opaque  by  andbamnan